About Physiotherapy Conditions Treatment

Treatment Techniques

Alice uses a wide range of assessment and treatment techniques. This helps her to assess the cause of the problem and determine the most appropriate techniques to restore health and function.

Physiotherapy treatment will therefore vary depending on what the presenting condition is, but commonly you can expect to receive techniques from the following list:

  • Joint mobilisation therapy
  • Spinal mobilisation therapy
  • Manipulation
  • Massage
  • Postural advice / education
  • Progressive exercise programmes
  • Stretches and core stability training
  • Ergonomic and work station advice
  • Pilates
  • Acupuncture
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Balance training and re-education
  • Gait (walking / running) retraining
  • Strength and rehabilitation programme and training

An accurate assessment and a holistic approach to treatment ensures you get the best recovery possible so that you can get back to doing what you enjoy most.

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